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The Eczema Kids Podcast

Eczema flare? Try this protocol. 


Sleep Through the Night with This Game-Changing, Moisturizing Bath Time Routine


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Exhausted? Bombarded with conflicting information? Sitting next to a sad, itchy kid? Eczema Kids is a TOP 2.5% PODCAST FOR BUSY PARENTS LIKE YOU. Listen to this life-changing podcast for eczema-clearing diet and nutrition solutions, natural at-home remedies, non-toxic environmental changes and the systems you need to get it all done.  

Listen in and join thousands of other parents on their mission to eliminate eczema from their lives! 

Eczema Solutions for Natural Healing and Comfort

Record a quick voice memo here. Feel free to ask anything related to your child’s eczema! I would love to answer it live on an upcoming episode.

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work with me

I’m Andra McHugh, your fellow eczema parent who’s walked in your shoes…

Just like you, I had a toddler and a baby with severe eczema. I didn’t know what was triggering it, but I knew our sleepless nights and unrelenting eczema flares had to end. I was able to regain a sense of normalcy and reclaim our lives once once I created a systemized way to heal my kids from the inside out and the outside in.

I started this podcast because no child should have to suffer through itchy, painful skin and no parent should have to witness their kid’s misery.

This podcast will help you FOCUS YOUR EFFORTS on the right things, systemize your path to wellness as well as laugh, learn and connect. 

Grab your earbuds and I will meet you inside the next episode…

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Have you implemented an eczema-healing protocol after listening to the show? Has the Eczema Kids Podcast made an impact in your life? Your review means the world to me and it helps other eczema parents heal their kids too! 

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