It is my mission to eliminate eczema from our lives and promote healthy and happy childhoods. New content tackling all things eczema can be found at the Eczema Kids Podcast. Subscribe to the podcast and read up on the resources below for diet and nutrition solutions, non-toxic environmental changes and natural at-home remedies to FINALLY heal your kid’s skin. 


Don’t know where to start? Have you read thousands of hours worth of conflicting information? No more busy bee!

Top Eczema-Fighting Foods By Season

Don’t know where to start? Have you read thousands of hours worth of conflicting information? No more busy bee!

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Do you wish you could get rid of your child’s eczema? Do you want an actionable plan to heal their skin problems? Do you wish there was a natural way to cure them instead of turning to chemicals and pharmaceuticals? 

Hey, I’m Andra McHugh and I’m so excited you’re here at Eczema Kids. I remember the feelings of despair when I looked at my two itchy, bleeding red kids. I was exhausted from quieting tears of pain and discomfort all night, frustrated with the lack of help from traditional doctors and was going crazy trying to implement the conflicting dietary advice I was reading in books and on the internet.

 Most of all, I felt like I was failing my kids. 

After months of extensive research and experimenting, my kid’s eczema started to improve. Patterns started to emerge with simple, yet life-changing solutions. In short time, I eliminated my toddler’s eczema and gave my baby a life without bleeding, peeling skin.

Their improvements were so life changing for our whole family that I now help other moms heal their kid’s eczema too.

No child should suffer through itchy, painful skin. Let’s get back to pool parties, moisturizing just once a day and eating at restaurants without a flare up. Let’s work together to create a clear, actionable plan to comfort your kids and get rid of eczema for good! 

Eczema Kids Podcast

Record a quick voice memo here. Feel free to ask anything related to your child’s eczema! I would love to answer it live on an upcoming episode.

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Clear skin and happy kids are within your reach! All you need are some proven, eczema-eliminating strategies, a customized eczema-clearing diet and time-saving systems that will enable you to get it all done. Let’s eliminate eczema from your life!

Contact me for coaching, questions or if you’d like to be featured on the podcast after an eczema win!

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