Want to Get Your Kid’s Over Their Food Sensitivies?

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Get Dr. B’s GROWTH Strategy with “Fiber Fueled” Takeaways

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Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is a board certified gastroenterologist and the author of the “Fiber Fueled Cookbook” that I’m going to detail out today. As part of the cookbook there are over 100 delicious, plant-based recipes that come along with a targeted plan for overcoming food sensitivities and a strategy to potentially figure out what’s causing your kid’s gut problems, which is something every eczema sufferer has!

I wanted to cover this book, because as a community, our eczema kids have a LOT of food sensitivities to be mindful of as well as a ubiquitous case of dysbiosis (bad gut bug overgrowth) because eczema is basically an outward expression of the internal inflammation going on. I’m going to give you the Cliffs Notes for this book and comb through it with our investigative eczema kids lens to report takeaways that you could use to help heal your kid. One less book that you have to read!

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