What is triggering your kids eczema? What foods to avoid when treating eczema

Eczema-Triggering Foods and What the Eat Instead PART TWO

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Foods to Avoid While Treating Eczema

Hi Friends,

Part two of this super necessary series is coming at you because I want to help you calm down your kid’s skin…right now. I remember the feeling when ALL I wanted was for my toddler to stop itching and my baby to stop scratching until her face was bleeding. I didn’t have time for an elimination diet…taking out one small thing at a time and noting if it made a difference, it was IMPOSSIBLE to tell.

When I thought maybe one of them looked slightly less scabby or if I had 5 minutes more of sleep that night I thought back to everything they ate within the last four days, trying to mentally figure out why…it was impossible to keep up with. I needed a clear-cut, calorie-rich, healing diet that was clear of:

– Inflammatory foods

– Foods with yeast or made with yeast

– Anything too hard to digest, or fatty or heating

I was in need of help and serious change right now.

If that’s where you’re at, I’m giving you foods that need to be TEMPORARILY taken out of your kid’s diet while they are healing from eczema.

I won’t just leave you hanging, I’ve got food swaps for every single ingredient I mention because I don’t want holes in your kid’s diet. Get out your notepad and pen and let’s get into it.

Take Care,


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