For the first time, I’m airing an excerpt of content from one of my live coaching sessions. Adorable, brave Paige gave me permission to air this in-the-weeds session about her two sweet babies’ diets.

I thought it would be helpful to share because just like all of us, she is literally doing everything right. She’s a dietitian by trade, she’s done the sensitivity testing and the gut microbiome testing, she’s by own admission, a “super crunchy mama” she’s making homemade bone broth and liver pate for goodness sake BUT IS STILL dealing with not one, but two eczema cases.

In this episode I’m sharing a small excerpt of our call where we go into her toddler’s diet. We talk about histamine, ketchup, smoothie disdain, picky eating, proper food combining, sneaky supplements… we comb through her toddler’s diet in detail.

We further our conversation going through all she’s dealing with in her baby’s case and use that same fine tooth comb to go through her symptom management protocol and environmental triggers that are are being carried out with the BEST of intentions but still somehow missing the mark.

She is just like all of us, trying her best and is doing an AMAZING. She’s working so hard… and I know all of you are too because that’s exactly where we were. I was making bone broth and liver pate and had been gluten and dairy free for years while nursing a baby and tending to a toddler with the worst cases of eczema we had ever seen. The word eczema was in no way in my vernacular before that time… my husband nor I had ever dealt with it in the past YET, there we were.

I uncovered a different way, that was hyper-focused on eczema specifically because “being healthy” is just not enough for our sweet, sensitive friends that for one reason or another are born into this world with a tendency towards eczema at any inflammatory assault. The thing is you can be the healthiest of all your friends and family, and I know you all are, but still unknowingly be contributing to your kids’ eczema cases.

If you want to go through how you can optimize your meals, supplements and transition your home from one of unknown inflammatory assaults to one that is healing and harmonzing. If you want to holistically transform what’s going on in your home and your sweet kiddos I would love to chat with you and give you a framework that takes you through step-by-step how to uncover hidden triggers in your already healthy lifestyle. you can find all the details on the work with me page and who knows how fast you can start to reverse this condition and how much better, simpler happier your life can be after going through this process. Let’s dive in!

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