why does eczema happen

Why Does Eczema Happen?

This is why eczema happens-the underlying truth. It doesn’t discriminate. It affects our kids, ourselves, our neighbors, and countless others. Our children inherit our exposures, and in today’s world, those exposures are all too common. It’s this frequent exposure that leads to gut dysbiosis, throwing our systems so far off balance that it triggers the development of autoimmune conditions like eczema

In recounting my experience with eczema as a parent, I want to underscore that I’m not a unique case. I’m simply a fellow traveler on this journey, facing its trials with the same determination and unwavering commitment to my children’s well-being as you.

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Life Was Really Tough

The conditions were dire. Really dire. I found myself in uncharted territory, ill-prepared for the complexities that eczema brought into our lives. Financially, we struggled – eczema didn’t discriminate based on bank balance. I wasn’t living a glamorous lifestyle; I wasn’t a chef crafting organic meals or an MD with all the answers. No, I was a dental assistant with a master’s degree in English Literature.

My upbringing didn’t exactly set the stage for health either. In the ’80s, low-fat was touted as the pinnacle of health, and my diet was a testament to that – pasteurized skim milk, Kraft macaroni, Happy Meals, microwaved waffles, cheesy eggs, and the occasional pink liquid amoxicillin. And let’s not forget the chemical-laden environment I unwittingly exposed myself to through my professional endeavors, with years of birth control use and multiple cesarean births.

“This is the reality of how someone who, “appears healthy,” can give birth to children with autoimmune conditions. Our children inheret our exposures. BUT we’re not about dwelling on the woulda/coulda/shouldas. It’s not constructive, nor does it change our current reality.”
-Andra McHugh

I’ve Walked In Your Shoes

I’ve walked the same path you find yourself on now. A parent, desperate and overwhelmed, gazing upon itchy, bleeding children in real agony. Nights devoid of sleep, grappling with digestive issues like throw-up and constipation, navigating through a myriad of messy, nocturnal digestive woes on a weekly basis.

Believe me, I intimately understand this struggle. Just last week, I found myself revisiting that place of utter exhaustion. My husband and I indulged in a weekend getaway with friends, sacrificing sleep in the process. Upon returning home, we were greeted by sick children, and I soon fell ill myself. That bone-deep weariness, where fatigue is so profound it’s painful. Tensions ran high, leading to spats with my husband fueled by exhaustion layered upon an already strained body just trying to keep up. I’ve experienced this far too frequently, and I know it’s where you find yourself now—it’s not just a mood, it’s a reality.

Overwhelmingly Exhausted is Not a Way to Live

I knew I had to break free from that suffocating weight as soon as possible. Not just to avoid collapsing under its burden, but because my children were enduring unimaginable suffering. That was the core of my anguish. No one seemed able to provide relief. We consulted doctors, specialists, leaned on friends and family, and poured a small fortune into remedies. It felt like I bore the weight of it all alone.

Thus, I had no recourse but to take action. I pursued every conceivable avenue. We experimented with all the supplements my children could tolerate. I delved into books during those brief intervals between night wakings, forsaking sleep because daylight hours were consumed by work and childcare. I found myself acquiring obscure ingredients—lotus powder, labeled in Chinese—pondering what use it could possibly serve in our quest for relief. I couldn’t even remember why I bought it.

Overcoming Eczema-Induced Challenges

Despite the overwhelming hurdles, you press on, fueled by the love for your children.

But here’s the thing—you don’t have to endure this struggle to the extent that we did. You don’t have to suffer needlessly. You have access to a roadmap, a proven course of action that’s not only endorsed by children themselves but, most crucially, it works. You can reclaim those precious hours of sleep whenever your child’s needs and your work schedule permit. You don’t need to shoulder that additional burden alone.

Holistic Wellness and Comfort

Let’s embark on this journey together. We’ve been entrusted with the task of not only guiding our children through eczema but leading them towards holistic wellness and comfort.

In this endeavor, lean on our community for support, draw wisdom from the comprehensive course, and embrace the transformative power of non-toxic, healing skincare. Our focus is on aligning every aspect of our approach towards fostering digestive wellness, cultivating a balanced and thriving microbiome, fortifying our immune systems, facilitating effective detox pathways, promoting lymph and liver movement, and ultimately achieving clear, calm, and soft skin for our little ones.

No one should endure unnecessary suffering, and it’s my moral obligation to ensure no family does because of this issue. I refuse to spend another moment trapped in that state of exhaustion and overwhelm, teetering on the brink of collapse. It’s simply not the life I aspire to lead. I cannot adequately show up for my children, be a supportive partner, or even muster the energy to engage as a friend when I’m in that depleted state. Professional growth stagnates, household chores pile up, and I find myself stuck at the survival level of Maslow’s hierarchy.

Let’s Heal Eczema For Good

There’s so much more awaiting us beyond that place of mere survival. If eczema is holding you back, I implore you to join me on this journey. Together, we’ll transcend those limitations and unlock the boundless potential that lies ahead.

If you’re hoping to continue the conversation why eczema happens and what you can do to holistically heal from this autoimmune condition, try, surrounding bedtime for our eczema warriors, try Eczema-Soothing Skincare Routine, Tackling Childhood Eczema, One Step at a Time or Nighttime Itching Keeping You Awake?

Why does eczema happen?
Why does eczema happen?


How can I overcome the challenges of eczema for my child and my family?

Overcoming eczema requires a holistic approach. Lean on community for support from people who get it. Educate yourself through the Clear Skin Kids Course, and prioritize non-toxic, healing skincare aligned with digestive wellness and immune support like the Skin Comfort Trio. You can do this! You don’t have to suffer because of eczema!

What do you suggest for non-toxic skincare for eczema?

Incorporating skincare products specifically designed for eczema can help alleviate discomfort and promote healing. At Eczema Kids, we offer a range of kid-friendly, eczema-healing skincare products that are gentle yet effective. Our Eczema-Soothing Skin Comfort Trio includes:

  • Skin-Building and Microbiome-Boosting Herbal Oil: This nourishing oil helps strengthen the skin barrier and support a healthy microbiome, reducing inflammation and promoting healing.
  • Anti-Itch Spray: Formulated with cooling ingredients, our anti-itch spray provides relief from itching while targeting staph bacteria on the skin.
  • Nutritive Tallow Balm: Our creamy tallow balm moisturizes and protects the skin without leaving a greasy residue, providing long-lasting hydration and comfort.

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