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How Community Can Help You Treat Your Kid’s Eczema and Feel Less Isolated

Hey Friends,

Sometimes it feels really isolating caring for a kid with eczema. Continuously having a mental (or even physical) list of every.single.ingredient. they ate or what they were exposed to. Wondering things like if I had done x, y, or z differently while i was pregnant or while they were a baby, would I still be dealing with this now? Is my kid going to be literally or figuratively scared from this experience forever? Should we rehome Fluffy? WHAT IS TRIGGERING my kids’ eczema?

The mind can be a really scary place…but I’ve got you friend. First, to reassure you that you are on the right track, and that you do indeed have the physical, mental, emotional capacity to effectively heal your child. BUT ALSO I’m here for you and we have a whole community that’s here for you to help you cope with this difficult challenge, to help you band together to solve problems and to celebrate life’s lighter moments…now, today. Let’s get into it!

Take Care,


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