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food chemicals to avoid while treating eczema

What’s The Problem with Raisins and Pickles?

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Top 8 Food Chemicals to Avoid While Treating Eczema

Hey Friends,

Simply put, food chemicals of the natural and additive variety can exacerbate irritation on the skin, but food additives have a much bigger impact on your microbiome, and thus, one’s skin. Today I’m talking about the food additives that can be found in many foods we eat everyday, some are even touted for their health benefits when in fact they are synthetic replications of a natural food chemical that can cause real harm. Which means it will do our little eczema kids a lot of good to omit these food chemicals from their diet where possible to accelerate healing.

I want to note that this does not mean your child is destined for a life without dried fruit, pickles or deli turkey BUT a life with fewer ultra processed foods will assist in your healing efforts. It’s also important to understand that sorbic acid and sulfites aren’t the reason your child is experiencing eczema, but by omitting them for a period of time can help your little one heal. I also want to point out that nobody is suffering from a lack of red #4 or yellow #5 so they will not be negatively impacted by their omission. I’m uncovering these eight chemicals so you can look out for them and possibly find the missing link in your child’s healing diet. Let’s dig into this jam-packed episode!

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