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How to Find Out and 3 Simple Strategies to Getting Them to the Levels They Need to Be

Hi Eczema Parent Warriors,

It’s February now and if you’re in the northern hemisphere, I’m guessing you haven’t had as much outdoor time as you’d prefer this winter. That’s a bummer if you’re trying to resolve your kid’s skin condition since our bodies can only make vitamin D3 when it’s exposed to the sun.

You may be surprised to learn that during the winter, the sun is too low in the sky for most of the US to receive adequate amounts of vitamin D. Add that to startling statistics, like this one from the EPA that says Americans, on average, spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, we and our children are just not getting enough vitamin D.

Listen in as I give you three strategies for getting enough vitamin D this winter as well as how to ensure your child is at the appropriate levels because when we are dealing with little ones, testing becomes a whole lot trickier.

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