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anxiety getting the best of you while caring for your child?

Decrease Anxiety, Manage Stress and Get the Sleep You Need

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Interview with Host of the ‘Stressed to Refreshed’ Podcast

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I’m talking to Rachel Fernandez, host of the ‘Stressed to Refreshed‘ podcast to go over practical things you can do to give yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. These doable solutions will help you face the demanding job that it is to take care of your sweet little ones and help decrease your stress and anxiety surrounding their condition.

At the end of the day, stress is a big eczema trigger so it’s worth employing some simple, practical strategies to lower your feelings of stress and anxiety. Your sweet babes deserve the best of you and they take on the energy that you are putting out there. But don’t stress about that… just employ these practical tips to assist your adrenals, get the sleep that you so desperately need and allow your body to feel safe. Let’s get into it!

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Want Natural Eczema Solutions but Need Help?  

Let me take you through the Eczema Free Framework! Through SIMPLE diet and nutrition solutions, non-toxic environmental changes and natural at-home remedies you can heal your kid’s eczema.

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Grab a list of our go-to resources for all things eczema-safe to use in and around the house. Click here for clothing recommendations, kitchenware, water purification, emf protection, essential oils and MORE

Eczema-Free Product Guide

Get a list of the most healing, balancing foods you could possibly give your little one struggling with eczema in the spring, summer and fall/winter. Post these printable lists in the kitchen and add these foods into your meals every time you can! Little changes add up to big improvements!

Top Eczema-Fighting Foods By Season

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