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Exhausted Parents Guide to EMF Exposure

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How to Protect Your Kids From Cellular Damage With B.D. Erickson of Satic Shield Technologies

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What are EMF’s? How do I protect my kids from them? Are they harmful? Is there anything I can do RIGHT NOW to reduce my kids’ exposure to EMF radiation? We are answering all of these questions today during my chat with B.D. Erickson, CEO and founder of Satic Shield Technologies, a privately-owned electronics manufacturer and professional engineering company.

Electromagnetic frequencies are, without a shadow of a doubt, hurting our kids. If you’ve been hanging around here for any period of time, you know it is always my intention to educate, and more importantly, guide you in implementation so you can overcome any triggers come your way–which is exactly what is happening today during my conversation with Mr. Erickson. He is on the show to give us all a tutorial on EMF’s, how to know if it’s a problem for you and most importantly what to do about it. Part two of our interview will air next week. Let’s get into it!

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