How to protect your kids from EMFs and dirty electricity

How to Protect Your Kids From Dirty Electricity and EMF’s

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Hi Friends,
We are back with B.D. Erickson, CEO and Founder of Satic Shield Technology and he’s breaking down electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity so you can confidently mitigate yours and your child’s risk to each of these threats. In this jam-packed episode we get into:

  • What an electromagnetic field is and what it’s properties are
  • How to get your spouse on board with lifestyle changes surrounding EMF filtering and shielding
  • What to do if you have solar or are considering solar energy
  • How to stop being a conductor for the wrong kind of energy and how to ground yourself into healing frequencies 
  • How to make a field shield 
  • Simple things you can do to limit your child’s cellular damage 
  • Dirty electricity vs EMF’s 
  • How your pets can help your kid feel better and recover 

So come with me, let’s learn to navigate our new normal so our kids can thrive from a fellow parent and engineer, get your pen and paper and let’s get started…. 

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