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decision fatigue and eczema

Does Decision Fatigue Impact Childhood Eczema Care?

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Hi Parent Eczema Warriors,

Decision fatigue refers to the notion that making too many decisions or complex choices can lead to a decrease in willpower and self-control, making subsequent decisions more challenging.

This is a problem if you’re caring for a child with eczema because their health depends on your decisions and willpower.

Here’s some tips to help limit your decision fatigue

  1. Eliminate as many decisions as you can. Operate from a schedule, meal plan, simplified closet and all the rest!
  2. Get the rest you need.
  3. Follow a plan. Join the Clear Skin Kids Course for an eczema-clearing diet, topical plan, straightforward healthy home changes, supplements and testing guide.
  4. Have community around you so you don’t feel alone. You can always join the ‘Eczema Solutions for Kids’ free Facebook group and you’ll have a built-in community of like-minded mamas and papas that are also working to clear their kid’s skin!

Take Care,


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