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strengthen your child's immune system while healing from eczema

Five Essential Tips for Strengthening Immunity and Managing Childhood Eczema

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It is officially September! 

We have kick-started our school year and extracurriculars activities, and in doing so, have ALREADY brought in all the fun germs and bugs that go with it. I don’t want “back-to-school” to be synonymous with “back-to-flu” season so I’ve lined up 5 tips that will help you tackle those kid-loving germ bugs once they’ve already invaded your sweet little one’s mucus membranes AND tips for what we do to kick-start our whole family’s immune systems. 

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make elderberry syrup- I teach you how on the episode!
  2. Put the appropriate serving of vitamin D3/K2 in that syrup shot before drinking
  3. Feed your kids full meals
  4. Get outside first thing!
  5. Put turmeric in everything

You’ve got this!

Take Care,


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