best sunscreen for eczema

The Best Sunscreen For Eczema-Prone Skin

Licensed esthetician Lindsey Holder joins us today to talk about eczema-friendly sunscreen, red light therapy and all things skin. Known for her approachable nature and extensive expertise, Lindsey is a beloved figure in the world of spa, skin, and beauty. Many will recognize her as the charming, wrinkle-free face behind a thriving skincare membership.

Lindsey’s career as a licensed esthetician spans an impressive 14 years, during which she owned and operated a successful spa for 13 years. There, she served as the master esthetician, leading a team of eight other estheticians. Recently, she transitioned from her spa to the online skincare space, bringing her wealth of knowledge to a broader audience.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Lindsey is also a new mom to an adorable one-year-old. Her little one has been experiencing eczema, prompting Lindsey to explore natural eczema solutions and utilize the skin comfort trio with great success!

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What Is The Role Of Skin?

The primary function of the skin is to protect us. Many people don’t realize how many elements threaten this protection daily.

“The moment you step outside, your skin barrier is up for disruption,” Lindsey explained. “Even within our homes, there are elements that can compromise it. I noticed this firsthand during my morning walk before coming on here. There was a garbage truck nearby, and I found myself crossing the street to avoid the pollutants. Then, there was a lawnmower, and I was trying to shield my face from all the debris.”

Lindsey’s observations highlight the constant assault our skin faces from various environmental factors, emphasizing the importance of proper skincare to maintain its protective function.

This is where our little ones with eczema run into trouble. Their skin barrier isn’t acidic enough, allowing irritants to penetrate and compromising its primary role of protecting them.

“For sensitive skin and eczema-prone kids, mineral sunscreens like Babo are recommended. They are less likely to cause irritation and provide effective protection without harmful chemicals.” -Lindsey Holder on the Eczema Kids Podcast

Best Sunscreen for Eczema-Prone Skin

Lindsey Holder shares some invaluable insights on skincare, especially for those dealing with eczema.

Lindsey begins by addressing the daily threats to our skin. “We often forget about the sun’s impact,” she says. “I actually try to walk really early in the morning or later in the evening when the UV index is zero or one. I keep a UV index app on my phone to monitor this. When the UV index is that low, there’s no need for sunscreen, which many people don’t realize. It’s a little insider tip to help keep my skin barrier as protected as possible.”

She goes on to explain that indoor environments can be just as challenging. “Inside your home, air conditioning and heating can disrupt your skin barrier. This was the number one issue I saw with my clients—overly stripped skin barriers leading to a host of problems.”

What we know to be true of eczema-prone skin is the skin barrier isn’t functioning properly. It’s not acidic enough to keep out inflammatory elements, which is why we see so many issues with reactivity and inflammation.

Ideal Skin PH For Sensitive Skin Conditions Like Eczema

“Many people wonder where their skin’s pH should ideally be,” Lindsey explains. “There’s a delicate balance between alkaline and acidic. When I throw out specific pH numbers, like 4.5, it often leaves people confused. They don’t know how to measure or maintain that. So instead of focusing on numbers, I prefer giving practical tips to naturally protect your skin barrier without overcomplicating things.”

Lindsey continues, “For example, I might suggest not exfoliating for a couple of nights, easing off on retinol, or using a micellar wash or oil cleanser. These are straightforward actions people can understand and implement. I aim to make skincare simple and accessible for everyone, especially busy parents dealing with squirmy, uncomfortable little ones.”

What we talk about on the podcast and within the Natural Eczema Solutions Course is the notion of skincare being an integral part of overall health. Eczema, for instance, is not just a skin issue; it reflects deeper imbalances. So, our goal is to support the skin barrier with an easy, three step skincare routine and include bath time as a real therapy . These practices not only benefit the skin but also help calm the nervous system. Stress takes a toll on the skin, so it’s crucial to address it holistically.

Elimination Diet To Identify Eczema Triggers

“It’s fascinating how much our skin is influenced by what’s happening inside our bodies,” Lindsey notes. “One of the first things I ask clients is about their supplements and probiotics. Personally, I’ve been dealing with breakouts recently, and it’s been frustrating. I couldn’t stand having a pimple, so I had to take action.”

She explains her approach: “I was taking a variety of supplements, but my skin was still breaking out. I decided to stop everything because I couldn’t pinpoint what was causing the issue. Despite using glycolics and other treatments, the breakouts persisted. So, I completely paused all supplements for two weeks to let my skin and gut repair. This morning, I restarted one supplement and, unfortunately, broke out again. Luckily, it helped me identify the culprit.”

Lindsey’s advice is clear: “If you’re experiencing skin issues or irregularities, consider stopping all supplements and topical treatments temporarily. Your body might be reacting to something, and it’s essential to give it time to recover. It was challenging for me because I rely on supplements for energy, but identifying the trigger was crucial. In my case, colostrum was the issue, so I’m taking another week off before gradually reintroducing my daily vitamin and other supplements.”

Her practical and methodical approach aims to help others manage their skin health more effectively, emphasizing the importance of understanding the body’s signals and allowing time for recovery. Just as one would do an an elimination diet to figure out eczema triggers.

Colostrum, Skin Health and Eczema

Lindsey wasnt’ sure if colostrum was the culprit to her breakouts. I explained that because it’s a bovine-derived product, it doesn’t pair with fruit and it’s hard to digest. I don’t recommend anyone on an eczema-healing protocol take colostrum because it could do more harm than good. Which is unfortunate because of it’s far-reaching health benefits.

Lindsey knows of colostrum’s gut-healing properties, but did identify it as a source of inflammation, which resulted in breakouts for her. That’s exactly what you have to do. Sometimes, removing something from your routine is just as important as adding something new.

Through this exchange, Lindsey highlights the importance of listening to your body and adjusting your regimen accordingly, offering valuable advice for anyone navigating the complexities of skincare and health.

Red Light Therapy and Eczema

Lindsey Holder is a passionate advocate for red light therapy, especially for those dealing with eczema. With extensive experience using a variety of red light devices, Lindsey offers valuable insights.

“I absolutely love red light therapy,” Lindsey shares. “I’ve had the privilege of using several different red light devices, including the Celluma device, which is a higher-end option. The results I’ve seen, especially with my clients, have been incredible. It’s great for anti-aging, collagen building, and elasticity. I also use it for breakouts and aches and pains.”

She continues, “I’ve tried the $50,000 LED light beds and also have a more convenient face and neck device. The latter is probably my most-used due to its ease of use and effectiveness, even though it may take a bit longer to see results. It’s versatile—you can mold it to treat different areas, like hands, knees, or thighs. It’s not just for the face.”

Lindsey highlights the benefits of red light therapy for brightening the skin and reducing inflammation. “If you have blemishes or redness, red light therapy does a great job of restoring your natural skin color. I’m a huge fan.”

For those interested in purchasing, Lindsey suggests waiting for sales. “I do have a discount code available in my free membership. They often have great sales around Christmas and Mother’s Day.”

When asked about using red light therapy for her little one, Lindsey decided she would give it a try. I suggested holding him on her lap in front of the panel while reading a book.

Red light is by no means required to heal eczema, but I think it would be a powerful additional therapy.

Best Sunscreens for Eczema-Prone Skin

For Natural Eczema Solutions clients and podcast listeners, I recommend using sunscreen as sparingly as possible. Get as much morning light specifically as you can, which helps set your kids’ circadian rhythms. For us, it’s more than just getting vitamin D; it’s a sleep strategy. Morning light helps sync our circadian rhythm, making it easier to get to bed at night. And for our kiddos, who often struggle with itchiness and discomfort, good sleep is crucial.

When it comes to sunscreen for the most sensitive skin, Lindsey has specific recommendations. “For my baby, I use Babo. It’s great and comes in a convenient stick form. I rely on the EWG database for sunscreen recommendations. They just released their latest list, and it’s exciting to see more companies offering safer, mineral-based products. Babo has a high rating with the EWG, and I use it myself. I prefer mineral sunscreens because they don’t absorb into the skin like chemical ones do.”

Lindsey also shared her personal sun protection strategies. “When I’m outside, I often wear a bandana around my neck for extra protection. At the pool or beach, I avoid bikinis and opt for rash guards for both Ellison and myself, paired with wide-brimmed hats. One hat I particularly like is from Bluestone Sunshields. It’s a visor designed by an esthetician that provides full UV protection. It might look a bit unusual, but it’s incredibly effective.”

Eczema Kids Skin Comfort Trio Results

Lindsey Holder has been using the Eczema Kids Skin Comfort Trio on her son Ellison with great success, incorporating it into their nightly routine. “Oh my gosh, I love it,” Lindsey shares enthusiastically. “The herbs smell amazing, and Ellison smells delicious after his bath. I follow all your tips—I oil him up before his bath and we use the entire system.”

She continues, “I’m obsessed with the lotion. It’s nice and thick, but glides on easily. It’s become a part of our nightly ritual. For his bath, we use baking soda and Epsom salts, which I know help calm him with the magnesium. This whole routine has really made him calmer at night.”

Lindsey adds, “The trio has made such a difference. We just want our little ones to be comfortable and not suffer, and this helps so much. I even use the leftover lotion on myself after I’ve rocked him to sleep. It’s become a comforting ritual for both of us.”

Lindsey also loves the Canopy humidifier to keep her son’s room cool and humid.

Natural Eczema Solutions Success Story!

Within the Natural Eczema Solutions Course, we enthusiastically embrace the principles of seasonal eating, incorporating them into her daily routine for both her son Ellison and herself. She shares, “Oh, you know what I do pretty much every morning? I downloaded all your recipes, printed them out, and now I give Ellison a smoothie each morning. Currently, we’re loving the dark cherry smoothie with added beets for that root vegetable boost, and it’s packed with greens.”

She continues, “This morning, I was excited about a recipe I saw for sautéed apples with cinnamon and greens. You can even add an egg if you want. It sounded so delicious, not just for Ellison but for me too. As an esthetician, I recognize these recipes are excellent for adults’ skin health as well. When I make stuff for him, I make extra for myself because these meals are great for my skin too.”

As a mom of four, I know practicality is as imperative as the strategies themselves. I don’t have time to make more than one meal, and I know my clients don’t either. This way, the entire family thrives together, eating whole, real, natural, seasonal, and digestible foods.

Additional Eczema Skincare Tips

If you find a special tool or therapy that is helping your little one heal, please share it with us in the Natural Eczema Solutions Facebook Group. If you’re looking for more sensitive skincare tips, checkout Why Topical Remedies Work For Eczema Rashes, Your New Eczema-Soothing Skincare Routine and Offered Eczema “Solutions” Leaving You Unsure?

best sunscreen for eczema
best sunscreen for eczema


What is the best sunscreen for eczema-prone skin?

For sensitive skin and babies, mineral sunscreens like Babo are recommended. They are less likely to cause irritation and provide effective protection without harmful chemicals. Always check the EWG database for the best-rated sunscreens. We are working on an eczema-safe sunscreen formula at Eczema Kids! Stay tuned. Also be sure to cover with hats and rash guards over sunscreen when given a choice.

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