Building Resilience in the Face of Eczema

Sandra Beck of the wildly popular Motherhood Talk Radio Podcast came on the podcast to share a wealth of wisdom from her 20-year journey as a single parent. With a history marked by high conflict, emotional turbulence, and significant health challenges, Sandra’s experiences have given her unique insights into fostering resilience, especially in the face of a childhood diagnosis. Her two boys were diagnosed with autism and Asperger’s syndrome at very young ages. She herself dealt with a cancer diagnosis. It was clear she was a great resource in helping our kids with building resilience while they are living in itchy, uncomfortable skin.

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A Journey Through Adversity

Sandra Beck’s story is one of resilience in the face of adversity. Her journey includes navigating a high-conflict divorce, supporting two children on the spectrum, and dealing with the loss of her parents. Additionally, she battled cancer, all while being the sole provider for her family. Sandra’s experiences, though intensely personal, offer valuable lessons for parents dealing with similar struggles.

Keeping a journal, even if it’s just scribbling thoughts on a napkin at a restaurant, can be a powerful way to process emotions.
-Sandra Beck on the Eczema Kids Podcast

Recognizing the Emotional Toll

During the interview, Sandra emphasized the emotional and mental toll chronic conditions can take on both children and their parents. “When your kid is sick or struggling, your heart breaks as a mom,” Sandra said. She highlighted the importance of accepting that the parenting journey may not align with initial expectations and stressed the necessity of adapting to new realities.

Strategies for Building Resilience

When asked about effective strategies for helping children build resilience, Sandra shared several key insights. One of her primary approaches is maintaining a composed demeanor in front of her children. “I told my kids with the cancer diagnosis, ‘I will tell you when it’s time to worry,’” she said. This approach helps children understand that while their situation may be challenging, it is manageable.

Sandra also discussed the importance of seeking professional support. She credited her therapist with helping her develop phrases and strategies to communicate effectively with her children during tough times. “Having a good therapist helps in a couple of different ways,” Sandra noted, explaining that it prevents burnout among friends and family and provides professional guidance during crises.

Practical Coping Mechanisms

For Sandra, resilience is not just about enduring hardships but actively finding ways to cope. She emphasized the importance of self-care and finding outlets for stress, whether it’s through exercise, journaling, or simply screaming in the car when no one is around. Sandra shared that keeping a journal, even if it’s just scribbling thoughts on a napkin at a restaurant, can be a powerful way to process emotions.

Another significant aspect of Sandra’s approach is the balance between acknowledging children’s struggles and maintaining routine expectations. “You can be angry and still do your homework,” Sandra said. She believes that this mindset helps children learn to manage their emotions and responsibilities simultaneously, fostering long-term resilience.

Empowering Through Example

Sandra highlighted the importance of parents demonstrating resilience through their actions. By openly sharing her struggles and showing her children how she coped, she provided them with a model of resilience. “Show your kids your own struggles,” Sandra advised. This transparency not only fosters empathy but also teaches children that it’s okay to face challenges and make mistakes.

A Legacy of Strength

Today, Sandra’s children are thriving. Her older son is completing a White House internship and graduating from UC Santa Barbara, while her younger son has been accepted on a full scholarship to UCLA’s psychology program. Sandra attributes their success to the resilience and independence they developed through their challenging experiences.

Embrace the Journey and Find Solutions

Sandra Beck’s story is a testament to the power of resilience in the face of adversity. But let’s be honest – parenting is tough, especially when eczema joins the party. So, if you’re looking for practical solutions and a way to smooth out those rough patches (literally), check out the Natural Eczema Solutions Course offered at Eczema Kids. Sandra’s experience and insights, combined with the course’s resources, might just be the helping hand you need. Because every superhero parent deserves a little backup!

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resilience and eczema
resilience and eczema


How does Sandra recommend parents balance acknowledging their children’s struggles with maintaining routine expectations?

Sandra believes in helping children understand that it’s okay to feel emotions but also important to fulfill responsibilities. She used the example, “You can be angry and still do your homework,” to illustrate this balance. If you’re in need of help getting your kids to get on board with their own natural eczema solutions, it helps to be transparent with them and play on their desire to look and feel better. You can use words like, “this will help your spots go away.” A holistic plan to make those “itchy spots go away” is yours at the Natural Eczema Solutions Shop.

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