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Healing Eczema with Timeless Wisdom

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Delicious Servings of Family Wellness

Happy Thanksgiving Eczema Warriors!

In the spirit of gratitude and family wellness, I am helping you create a delicious and eczema-safe Thanksgiving menu that not only satisfies the taste buds but also promotes skin health.

This thoughtfully curated Thanksgiving menu not only celebrates the joy of the holiday season but also emphasizes the importance of mindful food choices for the well-being of every family member, including those managing eczema.

Here’s what’s on our menu this year:

  1. Crudite with coconut milk ranch dressing
  2. Turkey cooked in brine
  3. Instant Pot mashed potatoes with ghee and cauliflower
  4. Sautéed asparagus
  5. Stuffed acorn squash with apples and cranberries
  6. Seasonal salad with homemade dressing of lemon, olive oil and salt
  7. Cranberries with orange rind
  8. Open faced apple cranberry pie made with King Arthur pie crust mix
  9. Homemade vanilla ice cream with coconut milk

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